A Human Interaction Designer who believes products should be meaningful and carrying experience loops of delight, surprise and emotion, previously at Google and Pinterest.

Stealing time to update this site, hustling in a grad program at ArtCenter, and actualizing 3 big projects.



I'm Zhendong Li, but I go by Justeen Lee.

I play with series of motion studies, arrays of sensor I/O's and lines of code to define and prototype interactions between humans, interfaces, devices and systems. Believing in harmonious integration of hardware and software, I take the best part of each to visualize and bring new/aha moments to people around me.

Drop a line to leejusteen@gmail to say hi or chat over coffee. I update Instagram more often than Dribbble, and I rarely go on Twitter.


This blog and GitHub detail how I build all the delightful interactivity in this site from scratch. Btw, I leave clues everywhere. Here is one: go play on the playground.