Body in Motion

Body in Motion proposes a motion interface that engages full-body movements inspired by badminton and hip-hop dance. Through a choreographic sequence of expressive and joyful motion, such as spinning, hopping, and skipping, the Body in Motion interface is an alternative to hand-dominated immersive realities as envisioned by Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Opposite to universal design, the fully embodied interface seeks to evoke physical pleasure in training the body and performing those peculiar gestures.

Role: Designer & Prototyper
Collaboration: N/A
Tools: Unity 3D, Kinect 360, machine learning
Time: 5 months

Using full-body interface to order a Waymo
Exhibition installation (left) with an interactive demo area (right)
Prototype with Unity 3D, Kinect, and machine learning
Early exploration: foot interface with Unity 3D and Vuforia


MotionXR is a speculation on the implications of how we might socialize, mingle, interrupt, produce, and design shared experiences based on untethered immersion and high resolution body tracking trajectory. This platform imagines a future that allows one to enter a shared virtual scene by synchronizing their body movement with the scene creator.

Role: Project Lead, Designer, & Prototyper
Collaboration: Eli Hong (Designer) and Jessy Escobedo (Designer)
Tools: Unity 3D, C4D, 360 videos, green screens
Time: 5 weeks

Gesture AI

Gesture AI aims to discusses the pitfall of a gesture recognition enabled AI chip on smart devices, with which allow users to control surrounding connected devices with custom gestures. This concept several highlights unexpected outcomes: Forget, Misinterpret, Over self-learning, and Multi-trigger.

Wish AR

Wish AR considers the relationship of water fountains/wishing wells, with augmented and virtual realities. An interactive prototype was fully developed in Unity 3D to demostrate people would be able to use virtual currency to make a wish in a future augmented water fountain.