Smart Shower Faucet

A simple, safe and water-saving shower

Calor is a smart shower faucet that safely and efficiently delivers your desired water temperature. It also raises awareness of water use and guides you to a shorter shower via suggestions and reward systems.

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Although faucet designs come out each year with new form and material reconsideration, the shower experience still remains inefficient and also reveals other problems.

I also prototype the temperature setting mechanism with Arduino and visualize results in Processing. Check out the code on Github.

Cartridge Mechanism Comparison: Current (manual) v.s. Future (motor-driven)


Set. Sync. Notify

A more efficient life style with notification, so you could grab your clothes, brush your teeth or respond an email and go back only when your shower tells you it's ready


Up-to-date anytime

Track your or even your entire family water usage on a daily, monthly or a yearly basis on your phone in an engaging and delightful way.


Useful reference sheet

Leverage the recommendations and suggestions from professional organizations, and begin your green and active lifestyle.


Check your status

See your personal achievements: buckets, badges, water and money saved all at a glance.

Water Bucket

An unobtrusive motivation to educate users to be mindful of water use and guide them to a 5-min shower suggested by EPA.

Level Badges

Earning a bucket is easy at the beginning and gets more challenging. More buckets grant you rare badges and give you more rebates on next water bill.

Introduction & Motivation


Due to inconsistent models and seasons, an average 2.7-time unnecessary adjustment causes time and water waste


There are over 3000 scalding cases each year and over 90% incidents occur at home

Underestimated usage

Showers take up 17% of water households use in the U.S., 3rd usage after washing machines and toilets

Growing concern

More than 36 states are expecting water shortage in the next few years

Facing these everyday hassles and public concerns, I envision a smart, safe and personalized future shower experience:

By disassembling a shower fixture, valve and cartridge, I understand how a faucet works behind the wall. Combining the market research findings, I go with a retrofitting solution that makes a typical shower both better and affordable.

I run a series of form studies while investigating in new cartridge mechanisms that could with the new interaction - a familiar and nostalgic knob-turning method.

Given the precision control in setting temperature, the interface on the faucet becomes essential, so the information visualization and different variations I explore need to display quick and sufficient information without too much complexity.

Date: 2015
Client: Studio Project
Team: Individual
State: Concept/Prototype
Next: Encapsulation
Sony Xperia and Samsung Galaxy S4/5 have already shown waterproof electronics, which demonstrates the plausibility of encapsulation for Calor.