Prototyping audio, visual and tactile interaction with electronics.

My curiosity began to immerse in questioning how and what interactive experience I can create and bring to everyone around me. As a result with electronics, after my first electronics prototyping in 2013. I found my way into this intricate and intriguing world from dabbling in wiring sensors to honing product prototyping skills.


Animal Sound Matching Game

Animatopoeia is an handheld interactive device with which you can play an animal sound memory game. As the more correct matches your get, the more complex the sound sequence would get, making it fun for ones age 1 to infinity.

Date: 2015
Keyword: audio-visual, game, memory, sound, electronics


EMG Sensor-Embeded Wearable for Athletes

Trax is designed for active individuals and athletes to monitor their training performance and injury recovery progress through EMG sensors. After applying the kinesiology tape with electrodes, you can easily start tracking with the brace by a snap connection.

Date: 2013
Keyword: EMG, athlete, sport, rehab, training, sensor, electronics, IoT


Change the way you experience sound

Symbio is network of devices that changes the way you experience sound via the fusion of hardware and software. It not only helps people with progressive hearing loss, but also the enhances music listening experience, or even serves as a baby monitor, etc.

Date: 2014
Team: In collaboration with Josh Dycus and Courtney Gruber
Note: Exhibition at HEAL Event Open House 2014
Keyword: sound, bone conduction, wearable, sensor, electronics, IoT

Puppy Watch

Track how your puppy is doing when you're out

Collaborating with another CS student, we created a pet wearable that monitor how your pet behaved at home after you left for work. Embedded a microphone, an RFID reader and accelerometer, the collar tracks how much your pet barked, ate and exercised.

Date: 2013
Team: In collaboration with Taylor Kelly
Keyword: wearable design, pet, tracking, IoT

LED Matrix through Veneer Testing

Date: 2013
Keyword: veneer, electronics, LED Matrix, experiment