Smart Idea Incubator

The next tool for creative individuals

Flash is a smart idea incubator designed specifically for creative individuals. It organizes ideas on the fly, learns over time to make the idea collecting process faster, and proactively helps build on your ideas in context.

Sneak Peek

Single tap

Simply tap on your idea quickly toggles the long card view for the description of an idea. Just a little bit more but enough information with a tap.

Insert to add

Swipe between cards

Have a new idea? Simply swipe between any two cards to bring in a new idea card that is ready to edit.

Shred to delete

Hold and swipe

You don't often delete an idea, but when you do, it's fun. You shred it and it goes to a trash can that permanently deletes all items in 30 days.


Drag and drop

Leverage machine learning to suggest titles based on how you used to express yourself, keeping your thoughts organized with just a quick tap.

Flip for detail

Double tap or swipe a little

Want to add more content or see more detail? Flip the card and get every detail.

Quick search

Swipe along the edge

Tired of scrolling through your 1000 ideas to find a specific one? Simply swipe along the edge of your phone to pull down the search menu.

Stamp a card

Tap the thumbs-up

Highlight all your remarkable ideas with a thumbs-up stamp, making them easier to pinpoint later on.

API Intergration

Ease your workflow

Use Pinterest for inspiration? Now you can directly link your favourite pins/boards to your idea.

Rediscover I

Cheer the location

Subtly encourage you to develop your idea as you return to the location where you came up with that idea.

Rediscover II

Celebrate anniversary

Subtly encourage you to develop your idea when you are on the same date that you came up with that idea.

Rediscover III

Cheer the connection

Subtly encourage you to develop your idea as Flash sees connections between ideas you have.

Introduction & Motivation

Messy notes

Tendency to take quick notes results disorganized notes and increases retrieval difficulty in future idea development.

Inefficient products

Apps on the market have different aims, but neither suits creative individuals well, so they can only hack what they can find.

Mundane input

The dull and discontinuous transition in traditional “tap to add” interaction method doesn't invite creativity.

How to deliver a simple, fast and yet organized idea collecting process to creative individuals?

Sorting 5 semi-structured interviews data with an affinity diagram, I gather insights about the types and contents of inputs designers have when they document their new ideas, followed by two personas to represent user groups to help guide the design.

With the affinity diagram, I create two personas to represent different user groups with their own characteristics and help guide the design with the summarized research trends and patterns.

Gestures + API Integration

Through pages of wireframe explorations I push boundaries and imagine possibility by connecting to current technology, resulting a range of gestural interactions and utilities like API integration.

A series of user testing, A/B testing and follow-up interviews on interaction flow and methods with users. Read more here.

I don’t really go back and think what I put in before. Instead, I search whatever I can think of at the moment.

- Anonymous A/B testing participant

I wish it's more active, like it could help me develop my ideas.

- Anonymous testing participant

To test and demo all these interactions, I prototype them with Framer Studio for its flexibility and interactivity across different platforms. Check out the trailer video and some framer prototypes:

1. Insert to add | Swipe between the two
2. Quick Search | Swipe along the side
3. Shred to delete | Hold and swipe left
4. Tap to peek | Single tap to peek

Inspired by cardistry for its whimsical, unpredictable, fun and engaging characteristics similar to those of ideas, I enrich the visual elements via size, shape and color to objectify an idea as a card.

Date: 2015
Client: Studio Project
Team: Individual
State: Concept/Prototype