In summer 2017, I worked with two teams under Google Hardware: Image+Vision (Google camera products) and Interaction Lab (used to part of Google X).

Role: Product Designer
Collaboration: N/A
Tools: After Effects, Framer (JavaScript)
Time: 9 weeks and 3 weeks

Full-stack Camera Dev tool

I design and prototype a camera development tool that the camera engineers on Image+Vision will be using to develop all future Google camera products, such as their Pixel and Clips.

This internal tool aims to create a more standard, generic, and scalable camera development environment for effective and efficient ISP (Image Signal Processing) & 3A (Auto focus, exposure, and white balance) tuning.

As the design lead, I allocated resources to take the project from concept to implementation ready. Development process including the following:
- 5 one-on-one semi-structured interviews with engineers that were responible for different parts of the tuning process.
- 11 case studies of consumer and industrial tuning softwares (GoPro, Lytro, KeyMission, Imatest, VisionQuest, etc)
- Allocated 30+ functionalities to design around of the tuning process.
- 2 Framer interactive prototypes for testing
- 7 follow-up studies with end users (design validation, user testing, user pattern inquires)
- Design specs
- Autonomous work environment. Weekly meeting with manager and touch base for necessary updates, feedbacks, and questions.

Google WiFi and E-Ink

While with interaction lab, I have a 2-week exploration on designing and prototyping hardware interaction with Google WiFi and E-Ink displays, using teensy microcontroller and custom circuit boards.

Date: 2017
Client: Google
Team: Interaction Lab, Image+Vision
State: Production