Motion XR

Motion-based Extended Reality

Enter shared virtual environment vis synchronized motion

MotionXR is a speculation on the implications of how we might socialize, mingle, interrupt, produce, and design shared experiences as technologies advance. This platform imagines a future that allows one to enter a virtual scene by synchronizing their body movement with the scene creator.


This future will exist when mass adoption of this technology exists; MotionXR imagines and speculates scenarios of cultural assimilation. Extended reality (XR) currently refers to the merging of existing technologies, AR and VR. For the purposes of this project, we’re defining XR as an imagined future that does not exist today, but is based on the trajectory of AR and VR technologies where headsets are untethered (or no headsets) and body tracking is perfected.

An untethered and high-rez full body tracking future
Join another's VR via motion synchronization

Introduction & Motivation

Basic mechanism: enter another's VR environment upon synchronizing movements.
Prototype rhythmic sync in Unity 3D for 3 demos: reading, running, and dancing in a public park
Scenario 1: imitate chopping motion to enter an underwater virtual environment
Scenario 2: imitate holding motion to enter a money-falling-from-sky virtual environment
Scenario 3: imitate dusting motion to enter a desert virtual environment

Prototypes above are built in Unity3D. Although the limitations are present in the current VR technology (headset constraints and player visibility), the system still demonstrates the concept that a person is able to enter others' virtual environment by synchronizing their movements.

Possibilities/Unexpected Outcomes

Possibility 1: enter virtual environments by accident due to gesture matching (prototyped in Unity)
Possibility 2: attract a crowd of followers due to the curiosity and the visual of VR
Possibility 3: lead one to an unintended destination

The 3 scenarios above show the possibilities of where this platform can disrupt social shared experiences. The latter 2 possibilities are demonstrated in video format due to the immature untethered and multi-player VR technology.

Assets Creation

Dessert Cinema 4D model: based on Spring St. in downtown Los Angeles
Presented at Spatial Reality: Future of XR
Date: Spring 2018
Client: N/A
Team: Jessica Escobedo, Eli Hong
State: Prototype