Parking & Payment System

No need to find parking. No more space number.

Native is a redesign of parking system and kiosk UI. The parking lot signals you where to park and capture a photo of your car as the ID for payment, without the need of finding open spots and memorizing space number for a fast and intuitive way to park and pay.

Redesign the parking kiosk interface to quickly guide users through the payment

Early approaches and concepts

Not just the UI, but the system

I realize the issues are about not only the UI, but the entire system.
Thus, a better parking system is in demand to solve all the problems.

Still Pay by spot?
Now pay by zone and photo

In the new parking system, I divide all spots into 10 zones; in each zone there is one pole, which plays the significant role in memory offloading.

Harness Existing Technology

Recognition rather than recall

Using recognition instead of recall provides memory offload, which benefits users a more effortless parking payment experience.

You can forget about the space number, but not how your car looks like.

I learn the basics Objective-C and Cocoa Touch to build a prototype of the UI on iPad, for the purpose of demo during project presentation.

Date: 2013
Client: Studio Project
Team: Individual(UX)/Team(Feedback, Testing, Research)
State: Prototype
Note: Electrolux offers internship opportunity after the project review