Augmented Everyday Objects

Enhance and extend tangible interaction with AR

Work In Progress

ObjectUI is an object-based interface through augmented reality.


The majority of current interaction methods in AR eyewear (e.g. Microsoft Hololens and MetaAR) is either gestural or screen-based.

Microsoft Hololens(Left), MetaAR(Right)

While gestural and screen-based control allow high flexibility in content manipulation, the lack of tactile feedback and materiality does not reflect the physical world we live in, where we depend on touching and feeling objects.

It prompts a new approach and direction for future AR application development: enhance and extend tangible interaction with AR.

Could augmented reality enhance rather than replace the rich tangible interaction we are already familiar with?


I made several sample prototypes using Unity 3D to demonstrate the plausibility and potential applications of ObjectUI, including navigation and filtering point of interest.

Unity3D prototype: navigate to destination
Unity3D prototype: filter point of interest


ObjectUI extends the tangible interaction we have with physical objects such as paper maps, books, textbooks, architecture floor plans, restaurant menus, sketchbooks, etc.

Interaction occurs upon direct gestural contact with physical objects, such as pointing and sliding.

Augmenting books: translate
Augmenting menus: picture

Work In Progress

Date: Present
Client: Studio Project
State: Prototype
Keyword: AR, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, tangible interaction, everyday objects, maps, books