I worked at Pinterest on the Search + Explore team to improve search engagement over Summer 2016, designing and prototyping search related concepts on iOS via motion/animation design, including search story, Pinterest Lens, and in-pin visual search.

As seen on press:

Search Story

Increase DAS/DAU and help users discover and explore content

Role: Product Designer
Collaboration: N/A
Tools: After Effects, Framer (JavaScript)
Time: 2 weeks

Animation prototype and design specs for engineers
iteractions on standalone concept

With rounds of explorations and feedbacks from the team, the standalone design was moved forward since it provides the most clarity to users. Then the next step is to fine tune the corresponding elements in this direction, such as speed, icons, copy, etc.

Visual exploration: search bar, in-Pin, and standalone

Pinterest Lens

Camera search that delivers playful and seamless experience

Role: Product Designer
Collaboration: N/A
Tools: After Effects, iOS(Objective-C)
Time: 8 weeks

Harnessing the current state of art of computer vision, I pushed to formulate the visual and motion language and a holistic camera search experience, now known as "Pinterest Lens".

Source: Pinterest Blog

In-Pin Visual Search

Establish a new visual and interaction language for in-pin visual search

Role: Product Designer (interaction + motion)
Collaboration: Design Lead (visual)
Tools: After Effects
Time: 2 weeks

Where a Pin has many Pinteresting products, there increase more searches within a Pin. I ran motion studies on a new visual design the team proposed for in-Pin search.

The proposed design definitely looked more visually appealing. However, for users the 4-dot metaphor did not translate directly its intent well enough, compared to the 4-corner target model, so the team did not move forward with the concept considering the trade-off was. The dots that hinted the items detected were adopted with more refined iterations to ensure scalability.

Date: 2016
Client: Pinterest
Team: Search and Explore
State: Production