Justeen Lee

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2020 - Present

Wing   Interface Designer II

Lead design and product effort on 2 projects and mentor 1 design intern

Create interactive prototypes with code and animation in JavaScript, Framer, AE, C4D for iterative UI/UX explorations and usability testing

Design end-to-end sign-up, shop, checkout, and tracking experiences and a design system on typography, color, motion transition, interaction pattern, and interactive components in Figma

Launch drone delivery app in Australia, Finland, and U.S., grow 25k+ users, and achieve 250k+ deliveries.


Google ATAP   20% Interface Designer

Prototype 2 use cases on hand and body gestures with Soli radar chip in JavaScript.

Google Area120   20% Interface Designer

Design online fitness class calibration experience within PoseNet computer vision constraints

2019 - 2020

DoorDash   Product Designer

Lead Framer X prototyping effort and prototype end-to-end experience for next gen DoorDash Driver app

Increase 7-day new driver conversion by 35%

Increase total number of deliveries by 9%

Increase driver referral completion by 15%

Summer 2018

Waymo   Interface Design Intern

Design and prototype self-driving cars pickup and dropoff mobile interactions for Waymo One in AE

Collaborate with 2+ teams to experiment future mobility in hardware interface and AR design

Summer 2017

Google   Interface Design Intern

Work on full-stack UX design on an internal camera dev tool and explore/prototype with E-ink displays

Summer 2016

Pinterest   Interface Design Intern

Experiment and prototype AR interaction and motion concepts for camera search Pinterest Lens in AE, Framer.js, and Objective-C

Increase Daily Active Searchers by 2%


2017 - 2019

ArtCenter College of Design
MFA in Media Design

Emphasis on future AR interfaces

Design and prototype with Unity 3D, Cinema4D, After Effects, VFX/compositing, body tracking, and gesture classification machine learning

2012 - 2016

Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S. in Industrial Design
Minor in Human Computer Interaction

Emphasis on interactivity, smart home IoT, and AR

Projects featured on Core77, Yanko Design, IxD Awards 2016, and imm cologne



Wing hackathon winner: Item customization


DoorDash hackathon winner: Driver app dark mode

KPCB Design Fellowship Finalist: 1 of the 15 finalists from 3000 applicants in 2018 and 2019


Guest speaker @ Useless A.I. Symposium - Custom gesture interface for wearables

Guest speaker @ Spatial Reality: Future of XR - Motion-based XR Platform

PRIMER Conference Emerging Designer Exhibition People’s Choice Award


Figma, Sketch, After Effects, Framer, Javascript, Unity 3D, C#, Cinema 4D, Adobe CC(sometimes)

Video production, motion graphics, production design documentation, advanced technologies, user research, usability testing