STE(A)M TRUCK™ Website

STE(A)M is a redesign of the website for STE(A)M Truck of Community Guild in Atlanta. Reconstructing the site from the perspectives of future growth and clearer organization image provides more clarity and value for STE(A)M Truck and the expansion of the program.

A quick look at the current site has revealed room for improvements.

The overall color palete is cold color but the value difference and the grey tone make the site feel deep/overpowering, less inviting and approachable.

The different sizing and alignment of each element reduce the clarity needed to deliver clearer information.

Repeated, unsorted and overloaded information could bring an overwhelming feeling rather than tell a convincing story.

Requirement Gathering

With the issues found on the current site, next I need to gather requirements from business, design and user standpoints.

Promotion. Involvement.

Jason Martin, the founder of the program, points out his vision of the expanding the program in the future, and thus the new website will play a role in promoting the program and encouraging involvement.

More than just new graphics

To meet this business goal, delivering and emphasizing its initiative and value would be the core function of the new website, which drives the design to more than a visual rewrapping.

Design for the future
Student: from fringe to main audience

Analyzing the structure and sections of the current site, I find two main user groups are organizers/partners/sponsers and parents. The fringe audience would be some other visitors and students who participated in the program.

However, the business goal entails a new message: students should also be part of the main user groups because they are the participants.

User Analysis

Middle School Students

The new user group has the following traits and characteristics:

  • 10 - 15 years old
  • From different areas in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Curiosity and interest in STEAM
  • Like playing, trying and exploring new things
  • Access the site via desktop or mobile device

Task Analysis: Primary Action

Consider service design

What can students do before and after?

Service design informs primary action

If STE(A)M TRUCK is a service design, then students can also benefit from pre-service and post-service phases, which inform their primary actions.

Function Allocation

Combining all user and task analysis suggests four sections that are suited to handle the functions of relevant tasks: Explore, About, Contact.

A New Image of STE(A)M TRUCK™

Considering STE(A)M TRUCK has established its image, I decide to expand rather than redesign the brand. Thus I keep and focus on the different tints and shades of the green the current version carries.

With a soft and comfortable color tone, I choose the typography above to reinforce the relationship between the web and the audience.

While the slabs on Arvo enhance readibility, the boldness on Big Johna sets a child-friendly atmosphere.

*contents are subjects to change

Date: 2014
Client: STE(A)M Truck™, Community Guild
Team: Individual
State: Concept