Body in Motion proposes a motion interface that engages full-body movements inspired by badminton and hip-hop dance. Through a choreographic sequence of expressive and joyful motion, such as spinning, hopping, and skipping, the Body in Motion interface is an alternative to hand-dominated immersive realities as envisioned by Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Opposite to universal design, the fully embodied interface seeks to evoke physical pleasure by both training the inert body and performing those peculiar gestures.

Train to Move + Move for Kinesthetic Pleasure

Venue-specific motion trained by system in public
Trained by system in home

Move to Interface

This video is captured from the third person view, and the VFX (AR layer) is only visible to the performer/user. It demonstrates a scenario where one uses this motion interface to order a Waymo as she is walking in public.

The VFX showcases two types of feedback that one will perceive: information feedback and action feedback.

Deployment in public: ordering a Waymo while walking
Redefining "Do It Together": Two people order a Waymo Pool by synchronizing movements.
Graduation Show Installation
Interactive demo with Kinect
Visualizing motion interface taking place in public

Introduction & Motivation

A motion interface with kinesthetic pleasure in future extended reality

As body tracking gains higher definition from cameras to wearable sensors, how a body is represented in the virtual is more defined and resolute. Current mixed reality technologies has conditioned people to repetitively mechanical movements for optimal efficiency, neglecting the whole body in the process, thus gradually removing the opportunity for kinesthetic and sensual experiences. By challenging that trajectory, the Body in Motion system projects an extended reality that inspires bodily motion, openness, personality, and expressiveness in public, and promotes a more physically active and emotionally positive lifestyle as technology is increasingly weaved into our everyday life.

Experimenting with Perception Neuron, a full body tracking suit
Inspired by the physical pleasure in hip hop dance
Date: 2019
Client: Master's Thesis
Team: Individual
State: Concept/Prototype
Keywords: motion interface, AR/VR, body, gestural input, physical pleasure, movement training, bodily motion