A collection of professional and personal UX work


Google Doc Right-click Menu

A conextual menu for spelling correction

With the hypothesis that correcting misspelling is a frequent action when users right click on the misspelled word, I come up with a contextual menu concept that minizes the pointer travel distance to select the suggested spelling, by changing the order of menu actions.

Yet, here is redesign 2.0 with a dedicated hover menu, which is even more user-friendly for first time users without the frustration of noticing the shift in a right-clicked menu.

Date: 2016
Keywords: concept, web, google doc, menu, interaction, usability

Particle In A Box

A Game on Quantum Mechanics

As a research assistant in the Georgia Tech research lab, Design & Social Interaction Studio, I worked on a project to design/implement a game to help students visualize and better understand quantum physics. My work includes redesiging the game mechanics, storyline, interaction and motion details along with a trailer video. As seen on the official site.

Speech bubble tutorial
Tutorial redesign: introducing new elements
Tutorial redesign: tutorial as memory of the robot
Date: Since 2015
Keywords: Research, Quantum Mechanics, Game/Interaction/Motion Design
Note 1: Password for this work in progress trailer is "qmtest"

MuleSoft UX Dashboard

Monitor all MuleSoft Products at a time

While at MuleSoft, I worked with all PM's to design a UX dashboard to monitor of all MuleSoft Products as a internal tool with an unforseeable mix of explorations on data visualization, D3.js, Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, JIRA and cross-team collaboration.

Date: 2015
State: Prototype/Production
Keyword: Internship, MuleSoft, enterprise software, data visualization


Parking and Payment System

Designing for future public outdoor parking lot, I envisioned a more seamless parking and payment experience with sensor technology. Instead of looking for a parking spot and pay by a forgettable zone number, the new system signals a driver for open spots and he would pay for parking by the picture of his car that the system registers and captures as he parks. Check out the full process here.

Date: 2013
Keywords: UX design, interface, parking, payment

Google Drive

Revisit download usability

I conduct an experimental study by surveying how frequently users download files on Google Drive, and the result indicates download is a frequent use case, so I redesign the download button in Google Drive.

Date: 2014
Keywords: Google Drive, R&D, usability

STE(A)M Web Design

I worked with a non-profit organization promoting STEAM education with a mobile classroom called STE(A)M Truck in Atlanta. Besides changes in visual, I extended the brand and program into a service design. Check out the full process here.

Date: 2014
Keywords: visual/web/UX design