In summer 2018, I worked under the Design Team (ID, UX, and UX Eng team) at Waymo in the Google X building.

While the projects remain confidential, here is a summary:

I worked on many facets of towards the Waymo One app, including the following:

- Pickup/dropoff visual interaction design
- Boarding screen visual design
- Saved locations visual design
- Search Interaction
- Microinteractions (back button, walking icon)
- Passenger screen concept

Visual design on new concept of reachability lens
A countdown hint that does not trade off app layout
Thoughtful microinteractions were built into the app with Lottie.

Prototyped in videos for a few passenger screen concepts, addressing information coherence and clarify of the HUD (traffic signal, dialogue, etc).

Sensor debug view

Collaborated with a team at Google on a future human-vehicle interaction app feature for a smoother journey.

Collaborated with the ID team on hardware UI.

Date: Summer 2018
Client: Waymo
Team: Individual + In collaboration with a team at Google
State: Concept and Production
Keyword: Waymo, self-driving cars, future mobility