Guided Checkout

Get unstuck & educate

Interface designer

Researcher x 1
PM x1
Front-end x3

4 weeks (part of initial public launch)

Users get stuck and confused on the check out screen because they miss information and don't fully understand delivery spots.

Passed usability testing
No more CX complaints on getting stuck

Shipped on iOS and Android
Many animation prototypes in AE
Many interactive prototypes in Framer
Motion design in AE and Lottie

Unique problem space

Wing is one of the first drone deliveries to market, and to comply with the FAA, we need to show the satellite view and make people explicitly select and acknowledge where they will receive their deliveries. This poses one of a kind problem and challenge, but also a fun one to address properly.

Prototype made in Framer Web with javascript, React, and typescript.
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Embrace existing patterns

We know people don’t read everything. We know people will tap on a gray-out button. To design a simpler and more frictionless experience, we simply embrace those behaviors and design with them.

Acknowledge human nature

People forget. People remember things only in the way they see them. When introducing them to new concepts (especially technologies), we should provide necessary context and allow familiarity to make sense of new information.