Wing Delivery Sign-up

Turn torture to joy

Interface designer

Researcher x1
PM x1
Front-end x2
Back-end x1
Marketing x1
Legal x1

2020.2-2020.5 (12 weeks)

In-app onboarding and sign-up for public launch
Web form sign-up is cumbersome and not suitable for users adoption

“I was incredibly impressed with the ease of signing up” - User

Shipped on iOS and Android
Many animation prototypes in AE
Many interactive prototypes in Framer
Motion design in AE and Lottie

Yeah, another sign-up. But different.

We are already exhausted from signing up for so many apps. We know that, but unfortunately we still need the same info before delivery, so we try make it different, to celebrate aviation and the journey to the first drone delivery in the world, and to turn torture into joy.

Prototype made in Framer Web with javascript, React, and typescript.
Try it

Fly through cloud

With the white versatile clouds as the medium for transitioning throughout the sign up journey, the app breathes lightness and openness.

Easter Egg